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We Screen for Adult ADHD

Do you struggle with difficulty paying attention, forgetfulness, impulsivity, trouble organizing, completing work assignments or are you feeling overwhelmed?

Many adults are recognizing their ADHD symptoms for the first time in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, or even 60’s. And yet, access to ADHD care is not equal.

Behavioral Health, Anxiety and Depression.


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We can help.


We will complete the following steps to help with a diagnosis: 

  1. Medical History Questionnaire

  2. Medical Assessment forms
  3. ADHD Assessment Appointment 
  4. Diagnosis

Easy & Convenient Screening

Step 1: Completed independently prior to seeing us

Step 2: Completed online by the patient before an appointment

Step 3: 75 minutes appointment through careful observation, developmental screening, and standardized assessments over video or phone with a clinician

Step 4: Clinician shares a diagnosis report and a treatment plan where appropriate

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